Adult Webmasters - Making money using affiliate programs

If you run any kind of website or would like to start a new website for adults, then here are some of the best affiliate programs to join if you want a steady income while you sleep. Although it's not quite as simple as it sounds, it's definitely possible if you follow the steps outlined here.

If you have a non adult website or blog, you should carefully consider which of these adult programs to use. Think about your traffic and what they would be comfortable with. VirtuaGirl offers non explicit and non nude ads, which may be good for a website that has a demographic of 20 and 30 something males without offending anyone.

You can advertise on a paysite if you like, but for the sake of simplicity, I'll recommend you create a free website that has useful, original content, and no stolen content or material used without permission or license. Next, you will need traffic. Without traffic from internet users, noone will click on your ads or recomendations. And no clicks = no possibility of sales. So you need traffic. And this traffic will come from search engines and other websites linking to you. And why do other sites and search engines want to send you traffic? Because your website has useful and original content! The basic formula is:

Create website

Add useful, original content

Get traffic

Don't Spam

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