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Learn about search engines. Mostly google. Learn search engine friendly techniques and incorporate them into your site design. Avoid obvious no nos. It may be counter intuitive but a general rule of thumb to make your site "search engine friendly" is to design your site for the user, not the search engine.

Get In Bound Links (IBLs). These are simply links to your website. When you have other sites linking to your own, this makes you look better to search engines (especially Google). They will rank you higher because other sites are linking to you. The more IBLs, the better your ranking, theoretically. If these sites linking to you are ALSO highly ranked, this will have a much greater impact on YOUR ranking. It's a good system that makes sense and is useful to the average internet user, which is how you want your site to be. The best thing you can do for your traffic is to get IBLs from moderate to high traffic, well ranked websites WITHOUT having to send traffic back. This requires - you guessed it - useful, original content on your part. Two way link exchanges won't help so much in the ranking department, but if you have a new site, you should still include this traffic building technique in your arsenal. If you trade with other websites that have decent traffic, this can help jumpstart the traffic on your own site. Three way linking can circumvent the ranking disadvantage of a simple two way link exchange. Simply trade with a webmaster who has two different sites, or two webmasters where all three of you agree upon the linking. (Or you have two different sites). Site one [links to] --> Site two --> Site three --> Site one.

So three methods for getting links:

Organic links (the best) - your content is so wonderful that other sites just link to you without needing a reciprocal link. These links can happen automatically if the site thinks your content is good enough to do so, or with you prompting appropriate sites to link to you because your content offers that much value to their visitors. Blogs can be a good place for this. Bloggers can be picky, but they need content just like you do. Give them a newsworthy story to work with (press release - new website, or new game, or new content), be descriptive and don't sound like a salesman.

Trade Links - Two way link trade to bring in some initial traffic and make nice with other webmasters. It doesn't hurt to trade with others who are just starting out as well. Build relationships. Don't be surprised if established websites aren't interested at this time. And one more thing - don't get linked by unscrupulous websites, it is possible they can hurt your ranking. Use your common sense and remember that a low ranked website doesn't mean it's going to hurt your ranking if they link to you, just sites that use "black hat" methods (spam techniques, or viruses, etc).

Three way link trade - as described above. Don't do this if it seems kind of scammy. That is, two other sites that offer little to no worthwhile content.

Search Engines

There was a time when there were about 20 or so decent search engines to submit to (remember Lycos? AltaVista? No? Am I that old?) In truth, even back then (circa 2000) there were about five major players. Now there's really one. You know. The big G. I would expand that to about three in reality. Google, Yahoo, and Bing (Microsoft's first decent answer to Google). There are some other minor contenders. is a Russian search engine that can bring in traffic for example, and non English speaking traffic can bring in sales too. But Google is by far the most important search engine to be indexed by.

Think about what people would search for to find your site. You want these keywords integrated naturally in the text of your site. Come up with a short Title in the <head> of your site, and the title should be your main keywords (and also be the name, or close to the name of your site).

Learn about Meta Description and be sure to add one to each of your HTML pages. You can also add Meta Keywords but it's not really needed any longer.

There's not much one can do in terms of submitting to search engines. If any websites are linking to you then search engines will automatically crawl your site and rank you higher in search results if their algorythms deem your site worthy. Expect AT LEAST several months before this happens but it can be quicker.

One final note - Google tends to stack the cards against websites that use affiliate marketing. They don't like to index sites that are there for no reason other than to make money and bombard the user with banner ads. This is why it's supremely important to have original, useful content.

Most importantly, Don't Spam --->

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