Outcast Academy

An epic adventure where you play a hot girl in a reform school for lots of other hot girls, who are also very bad and horny. It won't come easy, but sex, drama, and studies combine in an erotic interactive 3D comic.



Lesson of Passion Gold


A collection of newer games which will be covered soon, but are similar in style to the above, and if you like Outcast Academy you will like the LOP Gold games as well. Check out these two below:







Chat with a new girl every month! You type what you want them to do, or converse with them, but they like to talk dirty. More than likely they will need to get naked and do something filthy. Full on explicit porn is at your fingertips and from your perspective. Sex, blowjobs, and usually anal. Each girl brings something different to the table. Join and have access to all the girls released since 2004.



Control these girls and many more here


POV House


A dating sim with interactive video and very explicit porn. Puts you in the scene as the guy getting the action - from your point of view (POV).




An in-depth dating simulation. You start at the beginning, meeting random girls, and then talk them up via multiple choice conversation options. One thing leads to another, if you don't fuck it up, and you will get to them naked from every angle. No explicit porn but this one is about the thrill of the hunt, and the nudity is hot and plentiful.