Virtual Encylopedia of Sex


Explore everything there is about erotic sexuality in this interactive 3D experience. Learn new techniques and positions. Excellent for couples who would rather watch, learn, and control - instead of using more traditional media on the subject.

Velvet Express


A sex game that takes place on a shadowy train with strong fetish elements and a classy, quiet approach to porn. But make no mistake, it is very naughty and explicit.


LoveChess: Salvage


A sexualized version of chess, where the pieces are naked people adorned with various fetish accessories. You can guess what happens when one piece conquers another.



Juliet Sex Session


Two lovers meet for an explicit random encounter, featuring a plethora of positions, orgasms, fucking, blowjobs, cumshots, etc.






Just like VirtuaGirl, VirtuaGuy provides sexy stripping men on your desktop, to appear at intervals you decide (from every 15 minutes to on the hour). There are hundreds of beautiful men and they strip and dance and stuff and sometimes bring a friend. Plus you automatically get a new guy every morning. What's not to like?


Check out these sexy strip show galleries to see more




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